Hurricanes Keep O’Neill; Kings Keep Robitaille

So the Carolina Hurricanes re-signed Jeff O’Neill, giving him a one-year contract.
O’Neill’s main value to Carolina?
His ability to be mentioned in every trade.
He is nonstop trade bait for the Hurricanes. There’s not a hockey trade rumor south of the Mason-Dixon that doesn’t directly or indirectly involve O’Neill.
Serious. This isn’t scientific, but check out how often his name appears on the same page as the word trade.
Meanwhile, out in LA, the Kings gave Luc Robitaille a one-year extension (login info. here).
The Kings are smart to hold onto such a popular player. In a lot of ways, Robitaille is the Kings. Him and Wayne Gretzky, anyway. Now the Kings need to start thinking about getting some people for Robitaille to play with. I feel like after missing the past million games or so, it’s pretty safe to say Jason Allison and Adam Deadmarsh aren’t coming back from their injuries.