AHL Rule Changes

Wow. So it looks like the NHL is serious about rule changes.
The AHL, where the NHL typically debuts rule changes, is trying out a few interesting ones: no touch icing, tag-up offsides, goal lines and blue lines two-feet closer to the boards, wider blue lines (and red line), narrower goalie pads, and a shootout to decide ties after a five-minute overtime period.
Also, there’ll be a seven-week experiment limiting where goalies can play the puck.
Some of these ideas are good and some aren’t. I’m very curious to see how they’ll play out. Like the smaller goal pads seems like a no-brainer. But will it improve scoring chances? And can you limit goalies playing the puck? Will goalies be chained to their crease? Won’t that decrease scoring since you’ll never catch a goalie out of position?
A lot of hockey fans will probably be watching the AHL next season. You know. Because it’ll be the only hockey in town.
I hope the new rules don’t confuse everyone.