Queeneville Coaching Avs

I love the NHL. Coaches are fired because they didn’t do their job and then are quickly re-hired because they coached recently. Performance really means nothing. It’s all about your last gig.
Take Joe Queeneville, for instance. Nice guy, I’m sure. But he could barely escape the first round with a superstar-laden team. So of course the Colorado Avalanche, a superstar-laden team, have hired him.
Tony Granato, the former Colorado coach, is staying on as an assistant. To me, that says that the team really was tuning out Granato (as often rumored), perhaps because he was a pretty green coach. I’m guessing Colorado management wants Queeneville to crack the whip and play the father figure while Granato observes.
I’m not sure how much of an impact Queeneville will bring to the job, though. No one knows his inability to win in the postseason better than the players on a fellow Western Conference team. It’s going to be a tough room for Queeneville to win.