Someone Finally Leaves Calgary

Roman Turek stayed in Calgary. Chris Simon stayed in Calgary. Craig Conroy? Not so much.
He’s now an LA King.
You hear Conroy is out the door and you have to wonder two things: will Jarome Iginla stay if Conroy isn’t centering him? Or will this free up some money for the Flames to get Iginla to stay a Flame?
That’s what I love about the Flames. All story lines run through Iginla.
Call me crazy and call me obesessed with Western Canada, but I’d love to see Phoenix’s Mike Comrie working with Iginla. That would be a great combination. But Iginla might be used to someone grittier…like say Philadelphia’s own Alexei Zhamnov. I have a feeling the Flyers are going to hold onto him, though.