What What, Pip Pip: Hockey in England; Sundin Rests

So everyone loves those crazy rumors that have NHL players going to Sweden and Russia and Switzerland and Germany.
But how about NHL players going to England?
Crazy, you say?
Rubbish, you say?
Not to Roman Tvrdon. He’s joining the Nottingham Panthers after a short, nine-game stint for the Washington Capitals.
Somewhat interestingly, he’s just the eighth player to go to a British team a season after being in the NHL. I’m very curious who the other seven are. And if British hockey is more polite than North American. Because I feel like it is.
The English are thinking that the threat of a lockout will bring more NHL talent to some of Europe’s less elite leagues, though.
But I don’t know. I wonder if Mats Sundin doesn’t have the right idea. He’s using the time off from a potential lockout to rest his body. A lot of older NHLers who are too young to retire might want to follow his lead. It’s really smart of him. I’d wager it could end up adding an extra season or two to his career.