Penguins Actually Make Strong Moves

Mark Recchi actually seems psyched about his return to the Penguins.
Considering how horrible the Penguins looked last season, that’s a little surprising. But he saw first-hand how good the Penguins could be in the 90s, when the Penguins were at their Stanley Cup-winning strongest. Of course, back then, Mario Lemieux was healthy. But GM Craig Patrick seems to think Recchi can help accelerate the development of the painfully young and inexperienced Penguins team. Plus, they have super goalie Marc-Andre Fleury. And now they have Rico Fata again. Not only does Fata have a great name, he’s been surprisingly strong for the Penguins. He’s shown a lot of grit and leadership on a pretty awful team.
Who knows? If hockey ever starts up again, the Penguins might not be suck a train wreck next season.