World Hockey Association Draft

Sure it’s kind of a joke, but the WHA keeps on keeping on.
This weekend they had their draft.
During the draft, Toronto Toros owner Gino Naldini announced Ted Nolan would be coaching the Toros. Nolan himself wasn’t quite so sure that deal was done (although Moe Mantha admits he’s coaching the Detroit Gladiators). And it’s hard to believe that even two of the players drafted will actually join the WHA. Like take the Dallas franchise. They drafted Eric Lindros with their first pick (login info.). I can’t imagine that’s going to happen. But the rest of the draft consisted of more reasonable choices &#151 AHL guys and journeymen NHLers who can’t afford not to play next season.
Sunday was the amateur draft. Stop the presses &#151 Sidney Crosby went first. I feel pretty confident saying you’ll never see him in a Toronto Toros jersey.
It’s kind of funny. The WHA is all about trying to sign NHL stars. The NHL is all about not signing NHL stars (login info.).
Oh. And somewhat surprisingly, despite all the craziness of the expected lockout, The Kansas City Star‘s Joe Posnanski wants to bring the NHL to Kansas City (login info.). The NHL or the NBA. Any winter sport to fill a proposed arena.
Me? I’d push for lacrosse.