Nedved to Cali? Allison in Demand?

Wow. It seems Petr Nedved wants to play for the Kings.
That kind of sucks for Edmonton. He would have been a good fit for them. He could lead, something he never got to do with the Rangers. Plus, he could finally play in an offensive system.
But apparently the call of Los Angeles is too much for Nedved and his crazy-hot wife.
With Nedved seemingly off Edmonton’s table, Jason Allison’s agent seems to be pitching Allison to the Oilers. This is the same guy who hasn’t played since January 25, 2003. And his agent is saying that lots of teams are interested him. That’s so crazy. With all the uncertainty of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, I can’t imagine any team would take a chance on Allison. But I’m totally into his agent. That guy is a real bulldog. Apparently, he can sell anything.