Take a Picture &#151 It’ll Last Longer. No. Seriously. It Will.

Digital cameras and the Internet have really changed photography. Thanks to those two tools, we now have access to lots more photos we probably wouldn’t have had previously. The only problem now is actually finding the photos online.
The Hockey Photo Project is working to help with that, though. It’s a clearinghouse for hockey pictures, from the NHL on down. The cool thing is that it’s all pictures taken by fans, so you’ll really be seeing pictures you haven’t seen before.
You know. Unless you took them yourself or know who took them.
The Hockey Photo Project is pretty new and they’re still looking for pics. If you have some, you might think about contributing. It’s a project with a lot of potential.
In fact, you used to be able to see the project living up to its full Boston potential over at so.very.obsessed. But sadly, Heather’s Bruins photos galleries are temporarily down.