The WHA is going to be like the XFL of hockey.
Moe Mantha, the coach of the Detroit Gladiators picked Atlanta’s Dany Heatley in the WHA realistic fantasy draft. Then he grabbed Alexander Perezhogin, last seen brutally attacking Garrett Stafford during an AHL game. Too bad the WHA Team Without a City grabbed Todd Bertuzzi. That could have been some line.
Mantha says he still hasn’t signed anyone yet. Looking at the guys he’s interested in, though, I’ll be kind of scared when he does. He’s probably trolling ice prisons and psychiatric wards for talent. I know it’s the WHA, but still. Can’t the Gladiators try to sign at least one character guy? Someone not involved in litigation? Like Kansas City is having a contest to name their new UHL team. One of the nominated names is the Outlaws. I bet Detroit is mad they didn’t grab that one first. Although there’s still time to change the name to the Detroit Litigators. Or maybe the Detroit Litigatees.
Oh. And FYI, the WHA Team Without a City should be the Xanadu Unicorns.