Bruins Prepare for All Kinds of Caps

Stephen Harris over at the Boston Herald is very kind to the Bruins.
He gives their current “rebuilding” plan the benefit of the doubt, something very few other people are willing to do.
Harris argues that GM Mike O’Connell might be refusing to sign anybody on the assumption that there will be a cap whenever the NHL season winds up starting. So by keeping his team under the cap he’s anticipating, the Bruins will have more flexibility than teams that are more present-minded.
I’m not sure how pissing off Joe Thornton, the center of the franchise (positionally, statistically, and just about any other way you can think of), fits into this plan. Maybe O’Connell wants to keep the Bruins from going over an emotional cap. Like he’s scared the new Collective Bargaining Agreement will place limits on the number of happy players allowed on a roster.