Rangers Sign Defenseman They Don’t Like

Every day, I understand the Rangers less and less.
Of all the defenseman they could sign, they decided to re-sign Dale Purinton.
The same Purinton who played just four games in the Rangers’ first 40. And when he did play, he wasn’t logging major minutes. Plus, I think one of those first four games was played as a left wing.
This is also the same Purinton who refused a conditioning assignment to the AHL two seasons in a row. This is also the same Purinton whom the Rangers wanted to convert to a gritty left wing. This is the same Purinton who wisely turned down that brilliant idea.
So the guy is a big fighter who can’t really skate, shoot, or defend (Purinton at his defensive best is still a sixth defenseman &#151 most nights he was an undisciplined penalty-generating machine who made Chris Simon look downright serene). He’s not even cheap. The Post guesses Purinton got a two-year deal worth around $1.4 million.
Why bother re-signing someone who the organization has had so many problems with? Are thugs in that short a supply?
If they are, allow me to make my annual pitch to bring PJ Stock back to the NHL. His online NHL journal was one of the highlights of the 2002-2003 season.