Nedved’s Choice

So even though Petr Nedved’s wife is hot (she’s model Veronica Verakova), I still feel bad for him.
Everyone is blaming her for his inability to choose a team to sign with.
Robin Brownlee does everything but make that p-whipped sound (a meow and then a whoop-cha! noise).
Instead, he says Nedved isn’t wearing the pants in his family.
Nedved has wisely figured out that there aren’t a ton of modeling jobs in Edmonton. Oddly enough, though, the New York Rangers, where Nedved played for a few years, aren’t on his wish list. The Islanders don’t have the dough to sign Nedved and the Devils would never sign anyone as old and as established as Nedved. So I’m not sure where he thinks he’s going to play while being close to his wife’s homebase of New York City. Unless Atlanta or Nashville has some kind of super modeling scene I never heard of.