Roenick Misses Phoenix; Nashville Loves Sullivan

Wow. The Arizona Republic reports that Jeremy Roenick told a radio host he wants to return to the Coyotes. The Republic points out it’s not very likely given Roenick’s contract and salary, but can you imagine Roenick and Brett Hull, rumored to be considering the Coyotes, on the same team? Forget the hockey. People would pay to get into the post-game interviews. I wouldn’t even dare put them in a hockey game. I’d just have them a host a show for three periods during the season.
In other signing news, the Predators gave Steve Sullivan a one-year deal for what is believed to be $3.6 million. That makes him the highest-paid Predator in history. That’s so crazy to someone like me who follows the Rangers. $3.6 million? That’s what the Rangers give to someone on the third line.
Sullivan was a great pickup for Nashville, though. He rocked their world when he came over last season. He went from a solid Blackhawk to a scoring machine, putting up 30 points in 24 games for Nashville. It would have been nice if they had given him a longer deal, though.