Rangers Finally Tipping a Hand

The Rangers, who have been very, very quiet this summer, made some interesting signings yesterday.
They gave Michael Nylander a three-year deal for a tad under $9 million. The signing of Nylander gives Ranger-watchers some clues about the future of the team. For instance, he’ll probably play on the top line with Jaromir Jagr. The two played well together in DC, so why wouldn’t you see how they do in New York?
With Nylander centering Jagr, Bobby Holik, Jagr’s center for most of Jagr’s Ranger season, could concentrate more on being a checking center, which is really his strength. So now it seems like the Rangers, after purging their roster last season, are finally trying to figure out what the team will look like when hockey resumes.
Also interesting was the re-signing of Jamie Lundmark. Lundmark, a talented forward, was never really loved by GM Glen Sather, and spent lots of time on the fourth line, checking and hitting when his strength was shooting and scoring. And of course, by the time the Rangers were ready for him to be an offensive force getting real minutes, he had forgotten how to be effective. The question is if the Rangers are finally serious about developing Lundmark or if they’re just keeping him around as a trade chit.