PuckUpdate: ‘Careful Iggy!’

You know Jarome Iginla is a special guy when you find yourself worrying about his financial future.
He decided not to go to arbitration and is defending Calgary’s efforts to re-sign him, predicting he’ll be playing in Calgary when the season resumes.
My only thought is ‘Please Jarome! Be careful! Don’t let the Flames lowball you!’
And the guy made $7.5 million last season &#151 so I know he’s not hurting. Yet I’m still worried for him. He doesn’t even have plans to play in Europe during a lockout. But that’s kind of cool. He’s one of a few NHL superstars that actually seems to dig the NHL. The flipside of Iginla is Joe Thornton, who constantly seems miserable to be involved in hockey. I don’t worry about him so much.