Avs Get Damphousse and Get Tough

It’s pretty interesting how the Avalanche have slowly evolved their off-season strategy. They used to spend their time going after elite defensemen. Last season they started stockpiling forwards, picking up Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne. This year, they picked up Vincent Damphousse from San Jose.
Damphousse is a pretty good pick-up, though. He’s gritty, durable, and consistent. In other words, the anti-Kariya/Selanne. It would have been a pretty hot combination if the Avs could have held on to Matthew Barnaby, too. I have a feeling a Damphousse/Barnaby line would be pretty tough to play against.
I’m kind of wondering how Damphousse will adapt to not being the team leader, though. I wouldn’t want to try and compete with Joe Sakic for a team’s attention.
And look at the Sharks. They keep finding talent to shed. It’s amazing. Just when you think they’re out of players, they find someone else of quality to unload. And magically, it never seems to negatively impact the team. Check out their 2002-2003 roster. Now, check out their current roster. Not a ton of overlap, eh?