World Cup: US Needs a Starter and Canada Gets the Point

I’m finally starting to get psyched for the World Cup.
Team USA’s coach Ron Wilson isn’t naming a starting goalie. His options are Flyer Robert Esche, Oiler Ty Conklin, and Islander Rick DiPietro. All three are young and unproven. Esche had a huge playoff run. DiPietro is so freaking athletic, though. His aggression is totally wasted on the Islanders. If he was backing a run-and-gun offense, like the Canucks or the Kings, he’d have a hand in at least a goal a game. But Scott Burnside says Team Red, White, and Blue should invest in a time machine and grab the now-retired Mike Richter.
Sadly, Wilson can’t pick Miikka Kiprusoff, who helped bounce Wilson’s Sharks out of the playoffs &#151 Kiprusoff is from Finland. Oh. And he just got a 268% payraise in arbitration. I’m guessing the Flames are going to agree to it and not let him become a free agent.
And to the north of me, Team Canada is working on their power play. They’re thinking of putting Brad Richards and Joe Sakic on the point. Sakic is a good call. Let’s be honest. His legs are old. He doesn’t need to be crashing the net. Hanging out on the blue line might keep Sakic fresh. Hopefully, he (and Richards) will be able to uphold the responsibilities of the point.