WHA Woos Crosby

I love the WHA going after Sidney Crosby. They’re offering him three years at $7.5 million with a $2 million guarantee. Even if/when the WHA doesn’t launch.
He’s supposedly considering the jump.
I don’t think it’s a horrible idea, either. If the league folds, he still makes $2 million, although the guarantee is probably no guarantee. If the league gets off the ground, he’ll be playing hockey when the rest of the hockey world is on strike. And if there’s no strike and the WHA actually sees the light of day, I’m sure an NHL team will figure out a way to spring him from the upstart league.
I have to admit &#151 and against my better judgement &#151 I’m still kind of rooting for the WHA to succeed. I’m ready for an alternative to the NHL. I want a WHA CenterIce package, you know?
Take the money, Sid.
Do it for me.
And for the cable/satellite systems.