WHA Madness and Kiprusoff’s Easy Dozen

Every day I’m more and more taken with the WHA. Especially on days like today (or yesterday, depending upon when you’re reading this) when the WHA has lots of great gossip running around.
For instance, the NHL Web site is practically beaming that the WHA has pulled the plug on the Quebec franchise. Apparently they didn’t have the financing. So the WHA will soldier on without the Quebec Nordiks.
I love the idea of killing a WHA franchise, though. No players are signed. No rinks are booked. All you really have to do is cross a name off a list.
The WHA also issued a press release denying they’re being sold to the NHL. What would the NHL be buying exactly? Team names? But still. It’s good they cleared the air.
Evan Weiner says the WHA’s fatal flaw is that there’s no need for it. Hockey is pretty prevalent in the states, now. There are tons of minor league teams in non-traditional markets, like the South and Southwest. The WHA isn’t bringing anything new to the table. Unless you consider a league with no players something new. Which it is. I just don’t know if that’s going to put people in the seats.
Oh. And in actual hockey news, Finland blanked the Czech Republic 4-0 in the World Cup. Finnish goalie Miikka Kiprusoff seems to have kept the hot pads he wielded in the Stanley Cup playoffs. It also helped that he saw only 12 shots.