Networks Schedule Around Hockey

The Washington Times takes a quick peak at how the various networks, local and national, Canadian and American, are planning to fill the NHL-size hole in their schedules.
Nothing too shocking. ESPN is going to college basketball and Canada’s TSN is going to classic hockey games. If I ran the NBA, which I don’t anymore, I’d give away the games to whoever wants to show them. Just saturate the airwaves with NBA and see if it doesn’t create a few fans. Basketball and hockey have a similar season. They’ve always been enemies in that sense. Now’s the time for basketball to go in for the kill.
But if there is hockey next season, NBC has a pretty good booth lined up. The New York Post reports it’ll probably be John Davidson, who does most of his work for the Rangers, and Doc Emrick, who mostly works Devils’ games. It’s definitely two of the game’s best voices. It’s almost reason enough for the union and league to settle.