Owners: ‘Actually, We Hate the Game, Not the Players’

OK. I kind of thought it was sketchy the Senators were sending Dom Hasek to their AHL affiliate for a “conditioning assignment.”
I’m not the only one.
The Players’ Association is also watching the situation.
They’re OK with him getting some live work, but they don’t want to see him playing there all season while the rest of his NHL cohorts are locked out.
The owners can’t maintain they’re serious about a lockout while doing everything they can to keep their players happy and healthy. If the Senators are that concerned about getting Hasek some work in October, they can’t be thinking the strike will be going that long &#151 otherwise they wouldn’t go to the trouble of paying Hasek to play in the minors.
In other lockout news, Larry Brooks reports the NHL owners voted to ban publicizing any NHL players during the lockout. That includes any charity events, too (but apparently not team Web sites &#151 teams like the Coyotes and the Blues still mentioned specific NHL stars Sunday night).
You have to love how the owners are managing to support the players while destroying the sport. It’s almost like they’re trying to lockout hockey, not the union.