Agents Worried Owners Might Get Clue

With the lockout in full force, you might want to get your hockey on in other ways.
I recommend reading “Money Players : How Hockey’s Greatest Stars Beat the NHL at its Own Game” by Bruce Dowbiggin. It’s all about how the owners and GMs lost control of their league. The main reason? GMs tend to be ex-players with no legal or financial training. The agents are trained negotiators, able to find loopholes in contracts with a single glance. The owners and GMs were simply outclassed by the people representing the players.
The book is already a tiny bit old, but the concepts are just as true now as they were a year ago. And it shows how the league can put in a cap and restructure contracts and it’s still not going to save owners from themselves. For that to happen, someone has to stop untrained GMs from plunging into awful deals.
The Canadian Press blames the contracts of Joe Sakic, Paul Kariya, and Eric Lindros, for the current lockout. But really, those contracts were just symptoms of the real disease.
Oh. And Dan Steinberg from the Philadelphia Inquirer is trying to attract hockey fans to basketball (login info.). It’s a very funny piece explaining basketball to hockey fans. For instance, “Hockey players move between the bench and the game ‘on the fly.’ In basketball, we have a horn that we sound to proclaim the moment when any player actually gets tired enough to sit down.”