OSHL: ‘Everyone Scores’

Here’s the thing about the Original Stars Hockey League.
It’s almost exclusively second and third line guys. Definitely some great NHLers, but no one extraordinary. They’re guys you’d love to have on your home team, but no one you would go out of your way to see.
So you have a guy like Penguin Ryan VandenBussche, who was hired as an enforcer in Pittsburgh, with five assists in his first two OSHL games. That’s funny. He had ten in his first 290 NHL games.
So for all the grit in the OSHL, no one is even remotely interested in using it. And that’s why the scores are like football games.
Sure. It’s not quite arena football scores, but it’s still high.
Also, I think it’s always a bad sign for a league when its players are easily convinced the league has folded.