Pretend Hockey

This is what it’s come to: writing about video hockey instead of real hockey.
Motley Fool has a pretty interesting story about how Sega is going after EA’s sports video game supremacy. Sega’s weapons? The ESPN brand and a cheap-ass price.
I’m a big fan of EA’s NHL 2004, which has a pretty big fantasy/managerial element. You sign players and worry about salary, but also play some hockey. But it seems it’s too geeky for the average game fan. So really Sega has three hockey weapons.
Having written all that, I think hockey really needs to start up again or I’m going to end up writing about my pretend NHL 2004 seasons. Like how I just lost the Stanley Cup to the Vancouver Canucks.
My one hope is that this sad little post touches the NHLPA and the owners and they decide to put hockey back on.