Idol Hands Are Winter Sports Play-Thing

Lockouts do strange things to people. The whole not working thing plays with your mind. You start thinking about things you never thought about.
And that’s how elderly defenseman Chris Chelios wound up trying to make Greece’s bobsled team.
Right now he’s working out with the US team. If he’s successful, he’ll compete in the Winter Games in 2006.
Say what you will about Chelios, the man loves him some ice. If he can’t get it on a rink, he’ll get it on a bobsled course.
I kind of wish John Candy were still alive to train Chelios. He really whipped that Jamaican team into shape.
Chelios, who apparently has a lot of energy, is also trying to work out a deal where he can play for the AHL’s Chicago Wolves. He’s having trouble getting insurance.
This is me not making a Medicare joke here.
And geez. Some company has figured out a way for people to bet on hockey, even when hockey isn’t being played. It’s this weird system of lottery balls. I don’t even get it. Read about it here if you want, though. I wonder if NHL players can bet on games if they’re locked out of the league.
And finally, so we don’t end on a sour note, check out the story of Mark Janko (login info.), the Dallas Stars director of media relations who was fired due to the lockout but who found a new job (making more money) working for soccer’s Dallas Burn. It’s not too exciting, but check out the part where former Star Jamie Langenbrunner calls Janko after he finds out Janko was canned by the cruel, cruel Stars. It’ll almost bring a tear to your eye.
And since we’re all enjoying a silent NHL season, I thought I’d mention I’m listening to the Linkin Park remix of Depeche Mode’s ENJOY THE SILENCE and it’s really freaking good. LP’s Mike Shinoda put on some crunchy guitars and loud drums, but in a really respectful way. If only the owners and players got along as well as DM’s Dave Gahan and keyboards.