Yzerman Biography On the Way

Wow. There’s a Steve Yzerman biography coming out.
People are worried it’s going to be dull because Yzerman is such a button-down guy. In fact, I saw an early draft of the book and it was pretty bad. Here were some of the explosive revelations in the early version:

    1. Puts his socks on right before his skates
    2. Likes to drink water when he’s thirsty
    3. Friends call him Steve.

I guess the editors figured out how to punch it up, though. The final version has some pretty shocking revelations. We now learn:

    1. Laura Bush was his drug dealer in college
    2. He injured John Kerry in Vietnam so Kerry could get medals
    3. He was briefly married to Jennifer Lopez while serving a hooking penalty in 2002.

Pretty crazy stuff.