Beer and Fake Names

Miss hockey?
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It’s not about the NHL so much as it is about hockey and the people who actually play it. It’s pretty cool.
Oh. And this is a little weird. You might have heard that the NHL owners have locked the players out. So there’s this NHL team the New York Rangers. They also own a TV network called MSG. MSG is going to show Ranger minor league games. And the Ranger’s minor league team happens to feature a lot of guys who usually play on the Rangers. So the Rangers are basically working around the lockout by changing the name of their team. Instead of packaging the telecast, which will be called by usual Ranger announcers John Davidson and Sam Rosen, as a Ranger game, they’re saying it’s a Hartford Wolfpack game.
So the owners seem to be hanging tough. Look for a team called the Detroit Reddish Wings to start playing teams like the Colorado Large Pieces of Snow and Ice Falling.