New Rules Everywhere

Sports Illustrated has a lockout log.
It’s like a blog without links.
There’s no real news. Except that the lockout’s been going for 33 days.
I watched the AHL Hartford Wolfpack on Saturday and it was pretty good. They have the wider blue lines for the bigger offensive zone. They also had some restrictions on where the goalie can play the puck. I wasn’t a huge fan of that one. There’s just a lot more offense when you have the goalie able to move the puck out of the zone. Who wants to wait for someone to come back and fish out the puck? I say, let the goalie do it.
The AHL isn’t the minor league playing with the rules, though. The NBA’s minor league approved a rule to get rid of the three-pointer until the last five minutes of the game. It seems they want to increase game flow and get players driving toward the basket.
I believe within the next 25 years the rules for minor league sports will be completely different than for the majors. Minor league basketball will be played with pucks, with shot value based on the time of the shot. Minor league hockey will be played on a rainbow-covered ice surface. And baseball will be played in space.
Trust me.