USA: ‘What Lockout? What’s Hockey?’

Matt Law reports that Yahoo! has its own lockout log.
There’s big money in lockout logs. I’m thinking of making this a log instead of a blog. I’m not sure what that would entail, though.
The Rangers are freaking crazy. I got an e-mail from them letting me know that they’re having a youth hockey clinic in their upstate (from me) practice facility.
Who’s going to be there?
The Rangers coaching staff.
Yeah. That’s who kids want to meet. The coaches. What’s wrong? Were the Zamboni drivers busy that day? Couldn’t they find anyone duller to bring out for the kids? I’m not knocking coaches. They’re a key part of the game. But kids want to meet players. They’re not so into the administrators.
This lockout is really brutal, though. Reuters cites a Sports Net poll that found 60% of Americans 18-29 didn’t know the lockout was going on. Even worse for the NHL, 65% said they wouldn’t watch hockey when it returned. Luckily, it’s only 65% of the 40% who knew the NHL was canceled. The one thing that just might save hockey in America is that no one likes it enough to know th league is having labor problems.
I’m surprised ESPN2 isn’t just going with last season’s games and hoping no one notices.