Bettman: ‘Love Hockey. I Don’t, But You Should’

I love how Gary Bettman is going around to sluggish hockey markets like North Carolina and Phoenix to pump up the cancelled sport.
What does he tell people? ‘We hate the players but you should keep loving the game.’ Or perhaps ‘Phoenix sure does have a great team this year. Too bad you might not ever see them play.’
The Sporting News also reports the NHL is already thinking about a contingency draft. Basically, they’ll use last season’s standings to weight the draft order. That’s very good news for teams like Pittsburgh and Washington, who now have a shot at Sidney Crosby without having to crap up another season.
And of course, who can’t imagine the pre-draft pep talks: ‘You’re going to love the NHL. You know. Now that we broke the union and there’s no money to be made.’