Danton Sentenced; Memos Linked; Rhubarb Shines

So there actually was some NHL action this week.
Former St. Louis Blue Mike Danton got seven and a half years for trying to kill his agent. Even the judge said he has no idea why Danton did it.
And just to show you how disturbed Danton is, he said he expects to play hockey again. Will anyone play hockey again?
Speaking of not playing hockey, the Globe and Mail reports on the leaking of an NHL memo refuting the Players’ Association’s positions in the lockout. The NHLPA says the memo was leaked to cause dissent in the ranks. I’m sure a lot of NHL players were really shocked and shaken to learn the league disagrees with their union.
And check out rhubarb, a sports blog coming to you straight out of Detroit. It’s really funny. Click the link for this line alone: “In non-basketball news, Garciaparra reportedly told friends he would consider playing second base. Apparently, all of his friends are sports journalists because I keep hearing and reading about it in the sports news. This move would allow the New York Yankees (or, as eleven-year-old me would say, the Screw Dork Skankees) to aquire him, and move one step closer to their goal of fielding an entire team made up of insanely, wealthy, superstar-shortstops, playing out of postion.”