Can a Stadium Bring Hockey Back?

This is actually really interesting.
Here in New York City, the city is trying to get a stadium built in Manhattan for the Jets and for the Olympics. Cablevision, who owns Madison Square Garden, is all freaked out about this. They’ve been saturating the airwaves with anti-stadium commercials, since a stadium in the city will hurt Madison Sqaure Garden, which Cablevision also owns.
Stay with me.
So now, Mike Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor, who wants the stadium built, is going after Cablevision, who also own the Knicks and the Rangers. He told them to worry less about the stadium and more about the Knicks, who had a rough start to their season.
Then he said something really interesting. “Cablevision, along with other owners, have locked out the Rangers and the other NHL teams…So we don’t have hockey here. That [keeping an NHL team in the city] was one of the reasons we gave them a tax break.”
Now I’m sure this is all just talk, but what if around the country, cities started going after the NHL owners, telling them that if they’re not going to field a team, they don’t get any tax breaks on their arenas? What if all of these municipalities found that if the owners are going to destroy the local economy with a lockout, they should at least pay taxes on their arenas?
Maybe it took a basketball team and a football team to make the owners see that it’s in their best interests to end the lockout.