Lost Boys (and Men)

So Forbes is saying the NHL owners are got a bit creative with their books and the losses aren’t as bad as they said they were.
That’s not that surprising, though. It’s been pretty widely reported that the owners don’t count all of their business interests when they tally up the old losses for the NHL parts of their businesses. The owners are like ‘How do we know people wouldn’t buy luxury suites in an arena if there wasn’t a hockey game being played? They might.’ So Forbes is calling the owners on this and the owners are all mad.
Forbes has a whole hockey section here, by the way.
I never thought I’d type that phrase. I think the only phrase I haven’t ever typed is (and this doesn’t count) “I’m really digging the way the Devils are using that run-and-gun offense.”
Tim Panaccio reports the players’ agents are starting to get involved in solving the lockout (login info.). The reason? They’re nice people. Oh. And they want to get paid.
Finances aside, I’m really starting to wonder what kind of impact this lockout will have on the NHL. Over in Connecticut, defensemen Fedor Tyutin and Maxim Kondratiev are leaving the Hartford Wolfpack to go play in Russia (login info.). Tyutin did some time with the Rangers last season, but he seemed kind of bored returning to the AHL this year. So Tyutin and Kondratiev are going to play against real NHLers in Russia. And they’re going to make some money doing it.
Will either of these two guys every come back to the states, though? You can’t help but think that the lockout just drove two very talented defensemen out of the NHL. And these are just two that I know of. I’m sure there are lots more. And the longer the lockout goes on, the more there will be this lost generation of players who never played in the NHL and have no desire to. So whenever the lockout ends, we won’t be seeing the best players in the world. Instead we’ll be treated to the best players in the world who happen to want to live in North America.
Oh. And on a totally unrelated note, my high school friend won the wedding from the radio station. Thanks to everyone who voted for him and his wife. Here’s the backstory.