I Went to a Fight and A Pacers Game Broke Out

That Piston-Pacers brawl was pretty crazy, but I found one aspect especially disturbing: Detroit Red Wing/bobsledder Chris Chelios and annoying rap/rocker Kid Rock were sitting courtside at the game together.
What do you think they were talking about? Was Rock pumping Chelios for mullet insights? With Chelios’ 75 years in the NHL, he would probably be a wealth of information for the one-time Mr. Pam Anderson.
Mrs. PuckUpdate suggested that the NBA brawl might have been caused by the lockout. She wondered if the collective conscious wasn’t feeling a bit repressed without the minor violence of hockey acting as a pressure valve. It made me sad the NHLPA can’t use Carl Jung to negotiate with the league.
And of course, any time an athlete attacks a fan, you’ve got to talk to Islander GM Mike Milbury. Milbury is rather famous for attacking a Garden fan with the fan’s own shoe back in the late 1970s (a video of that is supposed to be here, but I didn’t have the patience to download it and check). On a side note, I love that Milbury’s hockey legacy is basically attacking a fan and signing Alexei Yashin to a $90 million contract. All he has to do is marry Paris Hilton and he’ll have completed the hat trick of truly bad life decisions.