Locked Out? Start a Band

You know who’s really hating the lockout?
The Canadian beer companies.
You know why?
Without hockey, they don’t have a way to reach their core audience.
Another sad side effect of the lockout is that Canadian TV is showing more American programming in the form of American movies for MOVIE NIGHT IN CANADA (the sad replacement for the classic HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA). So while Canadian businesses struggle to find an audience, the nation loses some of its cultural identity in the very time slot that defines a huge chunk of the Canadian soul.
It’s sad.
Let me cheer you up.
Vancouver Canuck Fedor Fedorov, the redundantly-named brother of Sergei Fedorov, cut an album. You can hear samples here. I can’t bring myself to listen, but he’s supposed to sound like a young Tom Waits. I’m sure somewhere Tom Waits is trying to figure out if he can sue over the comparison.
Meanwhile, Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty is touring with his own band, Grinder. I don’t think Fedorov will be opening for the metalish group any time soon, though.
And finally, the Belfast Telegraph reports the Belfast Giants were approached by an NHL star about joining their league. The player is a defenseman who made around $1.7 million last season and has played in almost 600 games.
In other words, it’s Brendan Witt.
Sadly, the Giants have no open roster spots and they can’t really afford the insurance.
Maybe Witt can put a band together. I like the name Witt’s End.
There. It’s settled.