Name Games

Paul “Uni Watch” Lukas has some good hockey information in his latest column.
It’s all about the rise and fall of surnames on the backs of jerseys.
Apparently, back in the day, Howard Ballard, the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, wasn’t a huge fan of the concept. According to Lukas, “When the NHL mandates that all teams wear jersey names, tradition-minded…Ballard ‘complies’ by putting white-lettered names on the team’s home white jerseys and blue-lettered names on the road blues, thereby rendering the names invisible. League bigwigs are unamused, and the team eventually switches to conventional jersey names.”
Now that’s what I call an owner. I bet Ballard would laugh if he saw how today’s owners let the players and agents walk all over them. And I bet he’d be disgusted with this lockout, which was basically caused by owners being consistently outsmarted by agents.