NHL Confidential

So basically, the only place to get hockey news is the gossip pages.
Like did you know party princess Tara Reid, now seeing Sergei Federov, hooked up with him while waiting for her boyfriend to arrive in Miami? Federov moves like he’s on skates. Ironically, because of the lockout, he’s not on skates any more, though. Except in charity hockey games.
And somehow, LA King Sean Avery, who’s such a pest on the ice, is kind of a stud on warm land. Rumor has it he’s about to marry model Rachel Hunter. Hunter used to be married to Rod Stewart, which is kind of gross for Avery.
Speaking of models, Colorado’s Peter Forsberg seems to have found a new gig. Not only is he playing hockey for his hometown Swedish team, he’s also modeling. Nice work if you can get it. And to be fair, Forsberg is a good-looking guy, as these pictures prove. Foppa? More like Hotta.
Oh. And geez. Here’s some actual hockey news. To absolutely no one’s surprise, Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury is thriving in the AHL. He had a rough night Friday, giving up three goals on 10 shots, but he was really dominating for quite a stretch before the bad night. The Penguins hung Fleury out to dry last season, making him play in front of a team that shouldn’t have been playing in the ECHL. Maybe this AHL stint will get his confidence back up.
And finally, here’s a blind item:

    Which two Detroit Red Wings really don’t like Gary Bettman?

Ohhh. I can’t keep you in suspense: It’s Chris Chelios and Kris Draper.