It’s Raining Wings

So I bought Maxim today. You know. For the articles. Not because the women of THE APPRENTICE were in it. That would be sad. Shockingly, there was actually a pretty good hockey article. It was about athletes and the horrible injuries they suffer and play through. The article had a fantastic picture of Hall of Fame Red Wing Ted Lindsay. His face is just so great. It’s so scarred and craggly. And then, when you view it against the backdrop of the hundreds of air-brushed women in Maxim, it’s positively surreal.
The article also mentions Red Wing Steve Yzerman and the rather anonymous Dave Shand, who played for the Leafs, Caps, and Atlanta Flames, as examples of athletes who have had pretty messed up things happen to their body.
Meanwhile, Red Wing Brendan Shanahan is convening a hockey summit, trying to brainstorm ways to make the game more entertaining. Me? I’d suggest they actually play. I think that would be pretty exciting.