Hockey: ‘We’re Pretty Drug Free and No Violent Than Anyone Else, If You Think About It, But Not Too Hard’

The NHL really needs to end this lockout.
Seriously. Look at the other sports. They’re really ripe for the picking.
Look at baseball. It’s all drugs and steroids, steroids and drugs.
Look at basketball. Don’t even think about the Pistons-Pacers riot. College basketball seems a lot more popular these days (at least according to SI’s Jack McCallum).
And football? I’m not a fan, but anyone enjoy a sport where sub-.500 teams (i.e., most of the NFC) all have solid wildcard hopes? It’s just pointless.
Meanwhile, I think people are talking about hockey more now, than when the players played. Heck. Brett Hull did SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this weekend. Would he have been asked if the NHL was in session (or if NBC didn’t have the rights to the NHL?)?
Who knows?
The point is, the other sports are weakening. If hockey doesn’t knock them over, then something like soccer or ping-pong or poker or No Hold ‘Em Old Maid will.
So it’s time for hockey to resume.
Even though Larry Brooks seems to think it never will.