NHL: ‘The Season is Over Unless It Isn’t’

So not much has changed in the world of hockey since my brief vacation. I mean, I moved into a new apartment, but I’m not sure that’s really considered the world of hockey.
Larry Brooks of the New York Post has some interesting news.
He reports that although conventional wisdom points to the league shutting things down in mid-January, they really can’t because it’ll open the door for the players to start a rival league. It also might make the league look bad to the labor relations board. If the NHL shuts things down too soon, it might look like they never intended to negotiate with the players.
Hot young prodigy Sidney Crosby doesn’t seem too into rival leagues, though. Crosby told TSN he’d play as a scab. I’m not sure why he said that out loud. If the lockout somehow ends and Crosby ends up playing in the NHL, he’s going to get his ass handed to him. Except by Bruin Patrice Bergeron. They seem to be getting along, playing on Canada’s junior team together.