Fans: ‘Shut Up and Play Yer Game’

This is pretty interesting.
Bob Dicesare of the Buffalo News did a straw poll of Buffalo hockey fans at an AHL game. None of the fans sided with the union in the lockout.
Obviously, this wasn’t a scientific poll, but Buffalo is a big union town. You would think somebody would side with the players on this.
I’m really shocked. The owners make a fortune on hockey and the players are just trying to take their fair share. But I guess because the players make so much as it is, people just can’t sympathize.
It actually kind of reminds me of whenever the cast of FRIENDS would negotiate their contract. People would get really upset at how much they were asking for, even though the studio was pulling in a fortune.
Hmmm. If the lockout makes people mad and FRIENDS sometimes made people mad, I bet this picture will infuriate people.
Meanwhile, lacrosse is really pushing hard for those NHL-deprived eyeballs. The National Lacrosse League (NLL) is making all kinds of rule changes to promote offense and excitement. I don’t really get the rules of lacrosse, but apparently they’re doing more to keep the ball moving into the offensive zone. The NLL is also allowing more physical contact further away from the ball. I can’t believe someone figured out how to make lacrosse more violent.
It’s a smart idea, though. People are bored. They’re open to new sports.
And guess what. Buffalo has an NLL franchise.
Oh. And Happy New Year everyone!