Swinging Doors and New Schedules

Happy New Year!
The Sunday Times had an interesting piece on cheating in sports. David Fischer wrote about some of the lighter moments in rule-breaking. He mentions Bill Fraser of the Prince Albert Mintos. Fraser’s home bench door swung out onto the ice, and he would use that to disrupt play on the ice. And that’s part of the reason the NHL doesn’t allow bench doors to swing out onto the ice.
Meanwhile, over in Dallas, they must be tripping. Stars broadcaster Ralph Strangis developed a new scheduling concept for the NHL (login info.). It’s a 76-game schedule with a ton of two-game series against conference rivals. The games are played during the week, moving to the weekends after football season winds down. Once football season is over, there would also be a big Monday night game.
It’s sort of interesting except that less and less people watch football on Monday night. I can’t imagine hockey would be more of a draw. And, oh yes, there’s also the fact that there’s no more hockey. I think the lockout will definitely put a crimp in this plan. But I’ll file this plan away someplace real safe.
Thanks, Ralphie!