Skating Through the Q with GB

Here’s what the NHL Players’ union and the league don’t understand.
Hockey is a cool sport. It’s a cool sport with the NHL and it’ll be a cool sport without the NHL.
Just ask the people of Kodiak. They’re learning to play hockey and really digging it.
Everyone is waiting for some kind of big finish to this lockout. Like either the owners will cave or the players will agree to a cap and everything will go back to normal. But I’m really beginning to think the NHL will never be the same. Players are realizing the quality of European hockey is really high. And it’s fun to play. Why come back to North America to have some goon clutching at you for 60 minutes?
And fans are realizing they can see local hockey for a fraction of the cost of an NHL game. Why will they pay big money to watch the new NHL, which will probably be guys not good enough to play in Europe or too old to uproot their families.
Me? Maybe I’ll be skating in Kodiak with Gary Bettman. It’s long been a dream of mine seeing as we’re both Queens, NY products.