Owners: ‘We Wish We Were Playas’

So Peter Karmanos, Jr., the owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, says he thinks the NHL’s season is over.
Me? I’m guessing he’s going to get fined for saying what everyone is thinking.
Meanwhile, the buzz continues to grow that the owners aren’t happy with their commissioner. Apparently Al Strachan got some league executives to talk. Secretly. Perhaps in code. Maybe even a series of knocks. Because Bettman is really working hard to make sure no one in the league breathes a word about what’s going on.
I guess Karmanos missed that memo, though.
And I still maintain that hockey can learn a lot from baseball. Exhibit A is from today’s Times story about the Mets and Yankees signing just about every big player they could get their hands on (FUN FACT: Did you know both teams tried to get Vince Carter from the Raptors?). Murray Chass makes a great point, though:

    Did the Reds have to give Milton $8.5 million a year because the Mets gave Benson $7.5 million a year? If the Reds had said no to $8.5 million, Milton might have had to look elsewhere, but the next team could have said no, too. There’s nothing wrong with teams holding a salary line as long as they do it individually and not in concert, in violation of the rules.

    Before Milton signed with the Reds, he negotiated with the Yankees and wanted $7 million a year. He didn’t sign with them because they wouldn’t pay him more than $6 million a year. The Yankees, of all teams, held their line. No one, of course, gives them credit for that.

Do you think there’s anything the NHL owners can learn from those two paragraphs?