Rangers Test Site; NPR Discovers Hockey

So apparently the Rangers are using this lull in the season to work on their Web site.
Check out this survey. At least the usability and marketing people aren’t dying of boredom, over at the Garden.
Plus, one of my friends told me NPR did a piece on locked out hockey fans in Boston. To be honest, I haven’t listened to it because I’m too lazy/psycho to download RealPlayer, but I trust NPR did a fine job on this. But as long as we’re being honest, I’m going to admit I spend my mornings listening to Howard Stern, so I really have no idea what NPR is about, other than that they don’t really interview strippers. NPR also featured a bit on the lockout with the guys from ESPN Classic’s CHEAP SEATS. I haven’t heard that yet, either. But I do love me some CHEAP SEATS. It’s about the only thing I’ll watch on ESPN Classic. I wish they’d move CHEAP SEATS to one of the real ESPN channels where someone might actually see it.