NHLPA: ‘Maybe Go On a Reality Show?’

I’m not sure how I’d feel if I was in the NHL Players’ Association.
Apparently, they’re telling their members to jump at jobs in Europe.
That’s great if you A) get hired in Europe and B) are able to pick up and leave to play there, but if you’re skillset isn’t in demand there, or family obligations keep you tethered to North America, you’re really sort of not getting great value on your membership dues. I mean, why doesn’t the Union just recommend that players take job in the NBA or MLB? Those gigs pay pretty well.
Of course, when guys like Matt Cullen, very much a lower-tier NHLer can lead a league in scoring, you have to wonder if just about every NHLer couldn’t find a job somewhere in Europe.
Meanwhile, Larry Brooks reports the owners are no longer pissed at Gary Bettman. The reason? He’s allegedly told them if they don’t hold the line, the players will know the owners will never be able to lock them out for more than a few months. Which is kind of true. It’s like raising kids. You can’t cave or they know you’re weak.The NHL shouldn’t feel bad about the lockout, though. Tim Panaccio from the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the NBA is getting ready for their own lockout (login info.). Obviously, they’re watching the NHL’s situation very carefully.
And finally, on a completely unrelated hockey note, I had to share this letter from the New York Post‘s letters section. It’s based on this recent back cover:

    Your back page depicting Carlos Beltran as a Jedi Knight is inconsistent with STAR WARS movies. Only a Sieth Lord would carry a red lightsabre. As long as Beltran is wearing Jedi cloth, he should be wielding either a green, blue, or purple lightsabre. Please do more research before incorporating movie-based themes in your back pages.

    &#151John Lehr, Oakland Gardens

You know. I was pretty shocked that gaffe didn’t get more media play.