New York Times: ‘Hockey Is Played On Ice’

I love this Times headline: “The N.H.L. Season Is Slipping Away”.
Um. You think?
I’m so glad they get my buck a day. Or they would if I bought the print version of the Times.
The article has an interesting stat, though. According to Joe Lapointe, the NHL has around 700 players during the season, with 600 of them active. And almost 350 NHLers are playing in Europe. So if you factor in players who waited on Europe in case the lockout ended early, guys about to retire and players who probably shouldn’t be in the NHL, a huge proportion of the NHL is probably pretty well taken care of. I’m not sure why the players would come back to a salary cap at this point. If they can make decent money in Europe and screw the owners at the same time, it seems pretty win-win. You know. For the players.
In other news, Newsday, which recently decimated its staff, is doing this thing where they re-print blog entries in the paper.
Yesterday they featured PuckUpdate. Cool, right? (Thanks to my dad for the link)
Oh. And Newsday is also doing a blog from the TV critics press tour. It has nothing to do with hockey, but I think it’s a neat idea. The TV critics press tour is like the NHL draft. So much hope and promise at the beginning. So much pain and hurt by the end of the summer.