Game On Unless It’s Off

I don’t know, man.
I hear the meeting between NHLPA Union President Trevor Linden and NHL Board of Directors Chairman Harley Hotchkiss (and their lawyers) went well and I’m all like ‘Maybe the NHL will start things up again this season. But then I read Larry “Doomsday” Brooks and I’m all like ‘Water will never freeze again.’
Sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust.
Oh. And Al Strachan says contraction won’t be good for the NHL. He says there’ll be too much talent with less teams, and the stars won’t be able to shine. And that’s true, but with 30 teams, there are really no rivalries. Teams just don’t play each other enough for anything new to develop. Sure the Red Wings, Blues and Avs will always hate each and sure the Rangers and Islanders will never be friends, and you’ve got the Canadian teams and their competition, but that’s not enough animosity to keep the league exciting game to game. I’ll tune in to a Boston/Montreal game, because I know it’s going to be chippy. But is anyone really rushing to check in on Phoenix/Anaheim? With less teams, the games are just more interesting.