The Only Key to the Lockout is the ‘Key’ in Hoc-KEY

Stephen A. Smith, apparently on a break from screaming on ESPN, discusses the lockout in his latest column (login info.).
His take?
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman may have been hired to institute a hard cap, but he shouldn’t destroy the league to do it. He needs to compromise or develop a creative cap.
Larry Brooks says the owners want more than a hard cap &#151 he says the owners are trying to get out of 2004-05’s huge contracts. Brooks goes on to write that the way for the players to screw over the owners is to insist that the new Collective Bargaining Agreement honors this season’s contracts and doesn’t pick up a year later.
So yeah. Things seem to be going pretty well around the league.
Even Mario Lemieux, an owner and a player both, puts the odds of a season coming together at 50-50. Of course, with the muzzle both sides put on their members, I think Super Mario is only allowed to say the words 50-50. Because I asked him how his back was doing, and he said “50-50.” He also ordered that for lunch. But I digress.
Also, sadly, Steve Yzerman doubts he’ll ever play in the NHL again. I feel bad for all of those players who were going to split after this season. It’s bad enough leaving the sport. But doing it because of a lockout is pretty hard.
Mitch Albom, on a break from writing books that make people in airports cry, thinks it’s sad, too.
I think it’s sad that the organists are even suffering during this lockout.